Drive The Way You Want

The 74AH sealed automotive battery with 650 cranking performance in reference to European Norm standard (EN) offers a good driving experience to the consumers.

12V Just Do Everything

This 12V nimble source of power smoothly supplies the required electric energy to the vehicle.

Lightness is Power

weighting ~18Kg (wet)/~13Kg (dry) is classified as a group 48 battery with dimensions 278mm x 175mm x 190mm.

Reliably Powerful

Suzuki’s SMF57434 car battery is a reliable high quality choice for a wide range of cars.


BCI Size Group 47
DIN Standard Number SMF56018
Cranking Performance -18°C (EN) 505
Capacity 20 HR (AH) 60
Max. Overall Dimensions (mm)

Length: 242

Width: 175

Height: 190

Weight (gr)

Wet Weight:14995 ± 615

Dry Weight:10465 ± 505

Base Hold Down B3
Terminal A
Cell Lay Out 0
  • The wet and dry weight of the battery is ~15Kg and ~11Kg respectively.
  •  Recommended to keep the battery in a cool, dry and covered place at normal temperature (5°C ~ 25°C) with proper ventilation.
  •  It is necessary to keep the battery away from heat and direct sunlight

Customer Care

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